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Using Mobile Phones

why a

video tour now?

1.- In today’s digital and mobile days, help sellers expose their properties better to potential buyers everywhere and anytime, buyers can see properties from the comfort of their hands. 

2.- This  allows buyers to request a factual showing only for a property that they are really interested in.

3.- Preserve the health and safety of everyone involved. owners, buyers, real estate agents and tenants and still allow to make the transaction happens.


4.- Stand out over other properties without a video tour.


5.- I have been doing virtual video tours from pictures for a long time to create more exposure of my listings, but now my videos are real videos with voice added.


135 S PARK DR.

NEW MILFOR, nj 07646


     Selling a home is not an easy task.  You may be reluctant to leave your memories behind; you may be looking forward to moving to a new home in the area or across the country; perhaps eager to start the new adventure, new kind of life.  Successfully selling your home for the most amount of money in your pocked in the shortest amount of time requires much more than just listing your property. Getting real result takes extensive research, proper preparation, professional marketing and experienced seasoned professional to guide you through the home sale process.


These are the steps to follow selling your property.


  • Planning to sell your property.

  • Selecting a Real Estate agent.

  • Find out how much is you home worth and deciding how to price the property for sale.

  • Make necessary repairs and preparing the property for the market.

  • Marketing the property, getting offers, negotiating and accepting the best option.

  • Managing the inspection and appraisal.

  • Plan to move out and get ready for the Closing Day. ​

The A B C ...  of Home Selling Process

Process of Selling a property by David Cordova - Real estate agent

In these lines I want to provide the most common questions that sellers may have. ​

  1.  How much is my home worth?

  2.  Should I improve my house before to put in the market?

  3.  Is possible I can "over improve"?

  4.  What does the seller have to disclose about the condition of the property?

  5.  What type of listing contract agreement should I sign?

  6.  How much real estate commission should I pay?

  7.  What if your price too high?

  8.  What if my house is worth less than mortgage amount?

  9.  What will be my closing expenses?

  10.  And more….

​If you are just staring to think to sell or you are ready to sell, lets talk I will give you detailed information about the topics mentioned above and setup a path for your selling process.

Sold property in Jersey City by David Cordova - Real estate agent

Sold One Family

Jersey City Downtown

Condo sold in Hackensack by David Cordova - Real estate agent

Sold Condo Unit


2 family house sold in North Bergen, NJ by David Cordova - Real estate agent

Sold Two Family

North Bergen

Sold hom in West New York, nj by David Cordova - Real estate agent in nJ

Sold Two Family

West New York

Sold Property in North Bergen, NJ by David Cordova - Real estate agent

Sold One Family

North Bergen

One family house sold n North Bergen by David Cordova -  Real estate agent.

Sold One Family

North Bergen

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